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Pulling on the lead – Step 3

Walking nicely forever

It is extremely important that you keep your arms relaxed and do not tighten the lead yourself. Your dog can do nothing to stop you tightening the lead so they will never understand the consequences of a tight lead if it is actually you that is doing the pulling!

You need to repeat this every time your dog starts to pull so it does require patience! Another good reason to only attempt a short walk initially!

Note: Whenever your dog is walking nicely, keep praising them enthusiastically. If you are going to use a command such as “heel”, say it whilst your dog is walking beside you not when they are pulling, this way, your dog will associate the “heel” command with walking nicely.

Your dog does not know it is wrong to pull on the lead, they simply have not learnt that loose lead walking is the only successful way to walk on lead. Getting cross with your dog will not teach them to walk nicely on the lead, but more likely motivate them to get to ‘off lead’ areas more quickly.

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Fiona Whelan ~ Pet Behaviourist

Fiona has been working at the Training and Behaviour Centre as a behaviour specialist since 2002, and previously ran her own training and behaviour establishment in Lincolnshire for seven years so has a wealth of experience as a behaviour counsellor.