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Muzzle Mantras

Muzzle Mantra #1 

Think of a muzzle as a seat belt. It’s a precaution to manage your dog and unwelcome 3rd partiesIt’s to keep both our dogs safe… you’re welcome!  

Muzzle Mantra #2 

It’s worth muzzle training just in case your dog may need one in the future i.e., vet visits, scavenging habits etc. That way, your dog is comfortable if and when the time comes.  

Muzzle Mantra #3 

Don’t let vanity get in the way of your dog’s comfort and happiness. Some dog owners feel fabric sock muzzles look less scary, but studies have shown these to be incredibly cruel and uncomfortable for your dog. Unable to pant or drink properly, your dog may still be able to bite when wearing a sock muzzle.  

Muzzle Mantra #4 

Be warned! There are a lot of counterfeits out there. Make sure you are purchasing from a reputable retailer and stick to trustworthy brands and behaviourist/expert advice. 

Muzzle Mantra #5 

The mark of a muzzled dog is a responsible owner advocating for their dog. Nothing more.  

Muzzle Mantra #6 

Muzzled dogs are not bad dogs. They are loved dogs.    

Muzzled Mantra #7 

With patience and plenty of treats, dogs can associate their muzzle with positivity and fun! 

Muzzled Mantra #8  

Be prepared for the fact your dog may need a muzzle someday. 

Muzzle Mantras ~