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How to make on-lead walks more fun!

For one reason or another we’ll all find ourselves in a situation where we need to walk our dogs on-lead. Whether you’re protecting yourself, others, local wildlife or livestock. Here are some handy ideas for how to make these on-lead walks fun and engaging for your pooch.

Go on a “Sniffari”

Taking some time to smell things is SUPER important for our canine companions. It’s how they come to learn about the world around them and helps them to socialise and acclimatise to new things. By allowing your dog time to sniff yet another tree or lamppost, you are making sure they are able to fully use their brain. As you can imagine, with so much to learn out there your dog will have plenty to ponder upon having been given the chance to properly process all those fascinating scents!

In addition to this, you may want to consider allowing your furry friend to lead the way on your next walk. With their nose directing your route, you will learn more about what makes your dog tick, and perhaps even inspire new walking locations for you both to enjoy. You can even take this one step further and work on some scent games together.

Exercise with your dog

Many of us have put on a couple pounds at some point in our lives and what better way to gradually get fit then with your best friend? While not all breeds are suited to jogging, some adult breeds can make great exercise partners! The key is to take your time, be sure to stop if your dog looks like they’re struggling at any point or, indeed, if you are! It’s a great way to bond too. Check out the Halti Active Lead, a perfect bit of kit to get you both started.

On-lead training

Dogs (and humans!) of all ages need to practise skills and learn new ones. It’s how we all keep sharp of mind. Get yourself a Recall Line and Multi Clicker and some delicious treats to begin. You can brush up on clicker training here. We recommend you give “Middle” a try. It’s a great way to bond, stay safe and keep your dog’s focus on you. Win-Win!


Owners decide to walk their dog on the lead for many different reasons, so it is important we all respect each other’s boundaries. Here is some helpful advice on how to manage on-lead encounters:

How to make on-lead walks more fun! ~