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How to introduce your dog to a muzzle

Dog’s may need a muzzle for many different reasons, but it is vital that all dogs have a positive experience when their muzzle is first introduced and beyond. Here’s how you can make muzzle introduction happy and fun for your four-legged chum:

  1. Show your dog the muzzle, make encouraging sounds and provide a reward such as a treat
  2. Encourage your dog to place their nose into the muzzle using a tasty temptation such as cheese, peanut butter (without xylitol) or meat paste
  3. Continue to give treats and gently connect the neck strap for a few seconds
  4. Undo and repeat, steadily increasing the time the muzzle is worn, at home and in the garden
  5. If using a Baskerville Ultra Muzzle, we always recommend using the collar loop and head strap provided while your dog gets used to wearing their muzzle
  6. Once your dog is settled with the muzzle at home, then take your dog on a few short walks in quieter places so they continue to acclimatise
  7. Steadily build up to all the everyday situations where the muzzle is needed


How to introduce your dog to a muzzle ~