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CarSafe Harness

Designed by Dr Roger Mugford, the patented Clix CarSafe Harness keeps dogs safely restrained and comfortable when travelling in the car. Made from safety-standard seatbelt material and extremely strong, the CarSafe Harness features an innovative ‘X’ design within the padded chest piece to ensure it remains in a secure position on your dog at all times. Once at your destination it can be used as a walking harness – handy!


Strong and secure

The CarSafe Harness is made from one continuous loop of safety-standard seatbelt material for maximum strength and security.


Easy to fit

Along with side release clips for quick and easy fitting on your dog, the CarSafe Harness offers two options to secure to your car. Where possible slide the seatbelt strap through the extended loop on the top of the harness. You can also plug directly into a seatbelt socket, though this fitting is not compatible with Volvo, Saab, Nissan or Toyota cars.



Padded chest and shoulder straps ensure your dog stays comfortable even on longer journeys. Plus, an internal ‘X’ design over the chest also helps keep the dog car harness in place at the strongest point of the dog’s body.


From car to walk

The CarSafe Harness is strong, yet lightweight and comfortable for your dog to wear. It makes an ideal harness for all adventures and helps your transition from car to dog walk.

Product Features and Size Guide


To determine which size is best for your furry friend, please refer to the size guides provided on this product page.

If you wish to use the direct plug in buckle in the CarSafe Harness should be compatible with all models of car except for Saab, Volvo, Toyota and Nissan vehicles.

This list is updated as car models evolve. If you currently have one of these makes of vehicle you can still use the CarSafe Harness, simply use your car’s seat belt strap and thread through the loop on the extension strap of the CarSafe Harness, and then plug in to the seat belt socket as usual.

The dog should be secured on the back seat in a dog car harness or in the boot. Never place your dog on the front seats of the car. If possible, leave your dog’s lead on when travelling in case of emergencies.

Ideally puppies should be transported in a secured travel crate on the back seat, up to 6 months old. However, for bigger breeds once large enough, they can be secured on the back seat in a suitable car harness.