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Autumn & Winter Grooming

You may be tempted to let your dog’s hair grow long and thick to stop them from feeling the winter chill, however grooming couldn’t be more important at this time of year.

While on your daily walks, you need to be aware of what weather conditions can do to your furry friend’s paws and coat. While our dogs rarely turn their noses up at wet and rainy weather, you ought to remember that they should not stay wet for long. Imagine going out in the icy cold weather with wet hair… you’d be miserable right?

Grit or salt on the roads and icy conditions can result in little ice balls or stones gathering in between your dog’s paw pads. If these are not removed correctly, your dog may start to lick the salt which could lead to gastrointestinal disturbances, or the ice may lead to an infection-susceptible dog.

While it’s true that double-coated breeds and others with thick, long fur are more ‘winter-ready’ than short haired dogs, the ‘blessing’ of these thick coats in winter can quickly become a curse if the coat isn’t maintained in a healthy condition.

Fur that’s matted doesn’t insulate or provide warmth; instead, it provides discomfort, pain, and hot spots. Matting can even lead to infections below the skin, so it’s important to continue the regular grooming which, not only keeps your dog looking their best, but helps keep them healthy.

Winter Grooming Checklist:

  1. Brush – give your dog’s coat a dry with a towel or blow dryer (on a low heat) followed by a thorough brush through. You can use the Pet Head Quick Fix (and 100% biodegradable) Wipes or any of the Pet Head sprays and foams to keep their coats in top condition between full grooms
  2. Regular Grooming – ensure your dog receives regular full grooms to keep your dog’s coat at a more manageable length. This will make it easier for you to stick to a routine and keep them matt free. Keep some Pet Head shampoos and conditioners handy at home to keep your pooch smelling wonderful!
  3. Paws – after those long walks simply rinse your dog’s paws in a bowl of warm water and towel dry to ensure there are no hidden nasties between the pads. Trim the fur in between the pads and use Pet Head Paw Butter to nourish and protect

Autumn & Winter Grooming ~