Help your dog have a fright free firework season!

Firework season can be a very distressing period for some dogs; here are our top tips to help your dog –  

  • Walk your dog earlier and ensure they go to the toilet so there is no reason they need to go outside whilst fireworks are going off.
  • Ensure your dog is wearing clear identification so if they do go missing in a panic, you have a good chance of being reunited.
  • Play music or have the television on to help hide the sounds of the fireworks outside.
  • Shut the curtains so your dog cannot see the flashing lights.  The curtains should also muffle the sounds of the fireworks.
  • Set your dog up with their own safe place – a crate covered in blankets with a bed inside is a great hidey hole for a nervous dog.
  • If your dog is looking to you for support, don’t be afraid to give them a hug or some reassurance!  The latest research shows that you cannot reinforce fear in dogs. 
  • Stay calm and relaxed, act normally and don’t give your pet any reason to think you are nervous or worried.


The Company of Animals has a comprehensive range of products to manage anxiety and fear in pets due to fireworks and other loud noises. 

If you want to desensitise your dog to fireworks and prevent problems next year, begin a careful desensitising process with our Clix Noises and Sounds CD.


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